KetoSwiss is a Swiss biotechnology start-up that develops “brain fuels” as 1) nutraceuticals (/supplements) and 2) pharmaceuticals for the therapy of migraines (“MigraKet”), which are efficacious and close to the root cause of migraine, without adding intolerable side effects. Our lead product’s active substance is an endogenous metabolite – a ketone body, which can be used by the brain as an alternative fuel to glucose when glucose utilization or transport is compromised. In later stages of development, our portfolio can be extended to other neurological diseases characterized by metabolic dysfunction, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).


Due to modern carbohydrate-rich diets, our brains rely almost exclusively on glucose. This contributes to an energy deficiency in the brain and in turn neurological diseases, such as migraine or Alzheimers, which are known to have a metabolic component to it. During fasting/glucose restriction our livers produce an alternative, more effective fuel source for the brain called ketone bodies. KetoSwiss strives to bring human identical ketone bodies back into our modern world. We develop potent, clinically tested, Swiss-quality ketone body products to combat neurological civilization diseases.

In brief, KetoSwiss makes fuel for brains.


KetoSwiss is headquartered at the Impact Hub in Basel Switzerland, at the pulse of the dynamic Swiss entrepreneurial community and connected with world-leading academic research laboratories, flourishing life sciences spin-offs, and world-leading biotech-startup-ecosystem. KetoSwiss enjoys broad access to state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as laboratories to grow its operations. 


Board Members

Management Team

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    Dr. Sebastian Hersberger

    Chief Operating Officer

    Dr. Sebastian Hersberger holds a PhD in Financial Management and has more than ten years of experience working with companies on topics such as driving extensive and sustainable growth, designing and implementing business operations and effective operational & financial procedures

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    Dr. Timm Trenktrog

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dr. Timm Trenktrog holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology and has more than twenty years of experience in build and managing supplier network for clinical and commercial manufacturing for drug substances, drug products, and packaging.

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    Robin Berger

    Chief Financial Officer

    Robin Berger holds a degree in MSc Investment Management (CASS Buisness School) and is a CFA Charterholder. He has multiple years of experience with business valuation and investment calculation. Robin comes from a background in Investment Banking an Private Equity.

  • Will Black

    Chief Commercialisation Officer

    Will Black served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ChromaDex, DSM and as COO at Natreon. He has extensive experience in leading sales and marketing teams and new business development. He held a number of general management, sales leadership and new business development roles over a 20 year career with DuPont.

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    Dr. Elena Gross

    Founder & CEO/CSO

    Dr. Elena Gross holds a BSc in Psychology (University of York), an MSc in Neuroscience (University of Oxford) a PhD (Dr. sc. med) in Clinical Research (University of Basel) and is currently enrolled to complete her MBA (University of Cambridge). She used to be a chronic migraine patient. She is the inventor of two patents.

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    Matthias Währen

    Chair of the Board

    Matthias Währen is ex-CFO & member of the Executive Committee of Givaudan SA for twelve years, previously Global Head of Finance at Roche Vitamin Division, Finance Director Roche USA, Roche Japan, Roche Korea (amongst others).

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    Alexandra Carrel

    Board Member

    Former General Counsel and Secretary General of Inserm Transfert, French Research institute for human health. Alexandra founded her own law firm in 2014 and counts more than 20 years of expertise in intellectual property and business law between Paris, London and Geneva.

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    David Meinhart

    Board Member

    David is investing in market ready longevity themes, having direct operating experience in the verticals of healthcare, AI/ML, insurance, drug & supplement development, diagnostics, consumer health and mobile.

Board of Advisors

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    Peter Stähli

    Business & Strategy Advisor

    Founder of several startups and the Swiss Economic Forum (of which he was CEO until 2016). Moreover, Peter successfully advised several startups and owns a very strong national and international network.

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Schoenen

    Scientific & Clinical Advisor

    Former President of the International Headache Society & Belgian Neurological Society, research Director, full Professor at Liège University & Associate Editor of Cephalalgia. World expert on metabolism and migraine, with over 908 publications (H index: 56 after 1996), 92 book chapters & 4 books

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    Daniel Lustenberger

    Financial, Business & Strategy Advisor

    Daniel Lustenberger is an experienced international finance, accounting and management consulting professional. He is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant, holds an Executive MBA from IMD and has 20 years life sciences and technology experience. Daniel is involved with several start-ups and growth companies, particularly in the life science and high technology sector as part-time CFO, business advisor or board member.

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    Dr. Zameel Cader

    Strategic Advisor

    Dr. Zameel Cader is cur-rently Head of the Oxford Translational Molecular Neu-roscience Group. He is a senior clinical academic researcher, with a track record in translational me-dical research.

    He furthermore successfully lead large-scale academic/ industry partnerships with societal impact.

  • Dr. Thomas Beck

    Business & Strategy Advisor

    Dr. Thomas Beck  was the former head of the Nestle research centre and is now head of R&D at DSM. He brings a wealth of experience in the supplement / nutraceutical and life s/ health sciences industry and an extensive network.

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    Dr. Egle B. Thomas

    Business & Strategy Advisor

    Dr. Egle B. Thomas has over 20 years of experience in business strategy, business development, and R&D project management in Europe and the US. She drove activities across nutrition, agricultural and related industries while at Syngenta as well as smaller companies.  She serves on boards of companies and investment groups and advises startups in Europe and the US.

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    Paola Ghillani

    Business & Strategy Advisor

    Paola has expertise in Management and Strategic planning, Innovation incl. Startups coaching, Sustainability and management consulting. She is an independent and experienced Board Member since 2001: Migros, Romande Énergie, International Committee of the Red Cross, Transitec, etc.


Outsourced Functions

  • NM-Li

Dr. Nicolas Mosimann


  • PM-Li

Dr. Philipp Marchand

Patent Issues

  • SM-Li

Sebastian Melchor

Complex Regulatory Affairs

  • US-Li

Urs Santschi

Finance & Accounting

Latest KetoSwiss News

  • Alexandra Carrel joins KetoSwiss

    Alexandra Carrel joins KetoSwiss

    KetoSwiss welcomes Alexandra Carrel as new Board Member! Alexandra brings over 20 years expertise in intellectual property and business law.

  • David Meinhart joins KetoSwiss

    David Meinhart joins KetoSwiss

    KetoSwiss is happy to count David Meinhart as Member of the Board. He brings extensive experience as Chief Executive and startup Mentor, particularly in the fields of product development and in investment to our team.

  • Swiss Startup Award: winner in BioTech

    Swiss Startup Award: winner in BioTech

    KetoSwiss is winner of the Swiss startup award public voting in Biotech. Click on the image to read more.

  • Will Black joins as Chief Commercialisation Officer

    Will Black joins as Chief Commercialisation Officer

    We are very happy and honoured to welcome Will Black as Chief Commercialisation Officer at KetoSwiss. With our other recent additions Dr. Timm Trenktrog and Robin Berger, the operational team of KetoSwiss is now complete and could hardly look better.

  • Dr. Trenktrog becomes our CTO

    Dr. Trenktrog becomes our CTO

    Dr. Timm Trenktrog in his previous role as Advisor for Supply Chain and Regulatory Expert, joins our Management Team as CTO.

  • Matthias Währen becomes Chair of the Board

    Matthias Währen becomes Chair of the Board

    Matthias Währen changes from his position as CFO to the Chair of the Board.

  • Selected for Venture Leaders Life Sciences 2020

    Selected for Venture Leaders Life Sciences 2020

    KetoSwiss AG has been selected as Top 10 Swiss National Startup Team in Life Science and is now member of Venture Leaders Life Sciences 2020.

  • Dr. Timm Trenktrog joins KetoSwiss

    Dr. Timm Trenktrog joins KetoSwiss

    Welcome Dr. Timm Trenktrog! He joins KetoSwiss AG as Advisor for Supply Chain/Regulatory Expert

  • Impact Hub Basel

    Impact Hub Basel

    KetoSwiss has been selected as one of the 5 startups for the Impact Hub Basel Incubation Program. We are thrilled to be part of this program.

  • Metabolic Health Summit 2020

    Metabolic Health Summit 2020

    Our CEO was speaker at the biggest ketogenic and metabolic therapeutics conference in LA, California

  • Daniel Lustenberger joins KetoSwiss AG

    Daniel Lustenberger joins KetoSwiss AG

    KetoSwiss welcomes Daniel Lustenberger as Financial, Business & Strategy Advisor.

  • Dr. Egle B. Thomas joins KetoSwiss AG

    Dr. Egle B. Thomas joins KetoSwiss AG

    Dr. Egle B. Thomas joins KetoSwiss AG as Business & Strategy Advisor. Welcome!

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