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Selected for Venture Leaders Life Sciences 2020

KetoSwiss AG has been selected as Top 10 Swiss National Startup Team in Life Science and is now member of Venture Leaders Life Sciences 2020.

Dr. Egle B. Thomas joins KetoSwiss AG

Dr. Egle B. Thomas joins KetoSwiss AG as Business & Strategy Advisor. Welcome!

Final product (MigraKet4) developed

Looking back at 4 years of development, KetoSwiss AG has finalised its product. In a next step, clinical trials will be conducted - we keep you posted.

KetoSwiss extents its portfolio to Alzheimer's

In addition to migraine, KetoSwiss will clinical test the efficacy of its lead product in Alzheimer's Disease with the first randomised controlled trial starting in summer 2019.

Dr. Timm Trenktrog joins KetoSwiss

Welcome Dr. Timm Trenktrog! He joins KetoSwiss AG as Advisor for Supply Chain/Regulatory Expert

Swiss Innovation Challenge

KetoSwiss achieved 5th place at the Swiss Innovation Challenge.

Swiss Innovation Challenge participation

KetoSwiss is taking part in the Swiss Innovation Challenge and made it to the second round - we keep you posted.

First pharmacokinetic trial completed

The first PK trial on healthy subjects has been completed, the second is starting soon.

Daniel Lustenberger joins KetoSwiss AG

KetoSwiss welcomes Daniel Lustenberger as Financial, Business & Strategy Advisor.

First patent got all claims approved

A huge step towards the product protection, we will keep you posted.

Dr. Sebastian Hersberger joins KetoSwiss AG

The KetoSwiss team is enriched by Sebastian, an expert in business development and financial management, who joins KetoSwiss AG as Chief Operating Officer. Welcome!

KetoSwiss completes Seed Funding round

KetoSwiss raised CHF 0.5 million in a first seed funding round.

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