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Investing & Partnering

While we are increasingly able to preserve the body, we have little tools to combat neurological diseases. Most brains are not designed to thrive on a modern western diet. KetoSwiss aims to reintroduce ketone bodies into modern life with an easily implemented solution.

Find out more about KetoSwiss and our recent fundraising round in this 4 min video pitch!


KetoSwiss has developed a novel medical food for the dietary-preventive therapy of migraine and related diseases that are characterized by a metabolic dysfunction. We set out to become the market leader in the medical food area, while continuing R&D into potential drug avenues.

KetoSwiss is equipped with a strong team and advisors from various backgrounds and benefits from more than a century of extensive healthcare experience. 


KetoSwiss embraces partnerships to advance the discovery and development of novel, innovative products for civilisation diseases with a metabolic component, especially neurological diseases.

We are convinced that combining ideas and resources with our partners will bring products to markets with unmet needs faster and more efficiently.

To find out more about upcoming investment and partnership opportunities, get in touch with us now.

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