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KetoSwiss is a Swiss biotechnology start-up that develops “brain fuels” as 1) nutraceuticals (/supplements) and 2) pharmaceuticals for the therapy of migraines (“MigraKet”), which are efficacious and close to the root cause of migraine, without adding intolerable side effects. Our lead product’s active substance is an endogenous metabolite – a ketone body, which can be used by the brain as an alternative fuel to glucose when glucose utilization or transport is compromised. In later stages of development, our portfolio can be extended to other neurological diseases characterized by metabolic dysfunction, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).


Due to modern carbohydrate-rich diets, our brains rely almost exclusively on glucose. This contributes to an energy deficiency in the brain and in turn neurological diseases, such as migraine or Alzheimers, which are known to have a metabolic component to it. During fasting/glucose restriction our livers produce an alternative, more effective fuel source for the brain called ketone bodies. KetoSwiss strives to bring human identical ketone bodies back into our modern world. We develop potent, clinically tested, Swiss-quality ketone body products to combat neurological civilization diseases.

In brief, KetoSwiss makes fuel for brains.


KetoSwiss is headquartered at the Startup Academy Basel, Switzerland, at the pulse of the dynamic Swiss entrepreneurial community and connected with the swiss-startup-ecosystem.


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