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Keto for Schizophrenia

Many brain diseases, from Alzheimer’s to migraines to schizophrenia (the focus of this piece), have as an underlying cause “bioenergetic abnormalities.” In other words, when the brain isn’t producing energy correctly or enough of it, it manifests in brain diseases.

An exponentially growing body of scientific and medical research suggests that ketone bodies and ketogenic diets can help correct these “bioenergetic abnormalities” and help to treat a multitude of brain diseases.

A recent report of two patients with schizophrenia who adopted ketogenic diets adds to this body of evidence.

The first patient in this report had been suffering from schizophrenia for over 50 years. She experienced paranoia and hallucinations, including seeing skeletons and hearing voices every day. She had tried 15 different antipsychotic medications. Then, she started a ketogenic diet for weight loss. Within two weeks, she noted a marked reduction in her psychotic symptoms. Over the next several months, she took it upon herself to stop all of her medications. Her mood improved dramatically, and she no longer had suicidal thoughts. Her hallucinations and paranoia remitted completely. She remains on the ketogenic diet today and has lost a total of 150 lb. She takes no medications and remains free of psychotic symptoms, and has also regained her independence.

The second patient had a similar experience, adopting a ketogenic diet for other health reasons (gastrointestinal distress) to incidentally discover that her psychotic symptoms completely resolved. The second patient also remains on her diet, symptom free, and has now finished graduate school and works full time.


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Membro sconosciuto
20 nov 2023

How does it fare with negative symptoms of schizophrenia. the abulia, staring at a wall, low or like no blood pressure, stillness, pausity of speech, lack of self confidence. these are the negative symptoms. I haven’t seen reports specifically stating that KETO ALONE and not in tandem with physical exercise would ameliorate negative symptoms in these diseases and bipolar. Schitzotypal, schizoaffective, deficit schizophrenia. I understand it’s a lifestyle thing but maybe for some it just…does nothing

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