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Ketone Bodies Can Mitigate Migraines

One billion people in the world suffer from migraines. That makes it the most common neurological disease in the world. Despite its prevalence, there is no good treatment that addresses the root causes of migraines. At least, there were no good treatments. Dr. Elena Gross’s own struggle with debilitating migraines is what inspired her to found KetoSwiss. She wanted a product to help her, and the 999,999,999 other sufferers like her worldwide, overcome migraine headaches, especially chronic migraines.

To understand how to truly fix migraines, we first must understand why they occur. The latest evidence suggests that migraines are a response to “bioenergetic abnormalities” in the brain. Specifically, when there isn’t enough energy to properly fuel brain cells toxic by-products of inefficient energy production (reactive oxygen species) are released that further inhibit energy production and damage brain cells. Alternatively, these reactive oxygen species can be elevated by most commonly known migraine trigger factors (such as exercise, stress, alcohol, intense sensory stimulation etc) and in turn inhibit energy production and hence neuronal energy supply.

In this way, you can think of migraines like a fever. A fever is your body’s response to an infection. It heats itself up to cook and kill the infectious agent. You feel crappy in the process, but it’s really just your body trying to protect you. Migraines might be something similar. When your brain is starved of energy, and poisoned by reactive oxygen species, a migraine is the unpleasant reaction (fever) your body uses to try to help you cope. It is forcing you to rest until energy homeostasis is restored and hence protecting you from the harmful consequences of brain energy deficit and reactive oxygen species going havoc.

Let’s take a moment to dig into the evidence that migraines are indeed caused by “bioenergetic abnormalities.” (1) The first thing to note is that all of the known triggers of migraines – sleep changes, hormonal changes (menstruation, contraception, or menopause), weather changes, exercise, dehydration, alcohol, strong odors, intense blue light, and more – impact brain cell energy production. (2) Second, brain scan studies reveal that energy levels (ATP) in the brains of migraine sufferers is 16% lower than in control and that even between migraine attacks. What’s more, the same studies revealed that bigger “bioenergetic abnormalities” are associated with worse migraines. (3) Third, people with genetic mutations thought to cause “bioenergetic abnormalities” due to mutations in free radical catch-capacity (SOD2 gene) are more likely to get migraines.

Now for the most important question, “how does the body respond to bioenergetic abnormalities during a migraine attack?” It responds by making more energy for the brain, of course, in the form of the world’s best brain fuel: ketone bodies! Ketones can be made by the liver from body fat, and numerous studies show that having ketones in your bloodstream correlates strongly with a reduction in migraines. Three separate human studies have found that ketogenic diets (high-fat, low-carb diets designed to force the liver to make ketones) decrease migraines frequency, severity and medication use by 50-80%!

This evidence strongly suggests that ketones can save the brains from migraines! So, if you or someone you care about is one of the one billion people who suffer from migraines, it may be worth trying a ketogenic diet. However, for those who are unable to eat a high-fat diet, there is now an alternative…

To save herself and others, Dr. Gross invented a new type of ketone supplement called “MigraKet.” MigraKet is the same ketone your body produces when you’re eating a ketogenic diet, packaged in a new form that you can take as a powder or soon also chewable. While her company, KetoSwiss, still promotes all-around healthy lifestyle as the first measure to protect against migraines, MigraKet is designed to give an extra boost of potentially migraine-protecting ketones.

Of course, I’m sure this piece now sounds to you like a sales pitch. So, let me be transparent: it is a sales pitch. You may now feel understandably sceptical. Never trust a salesperson is a good rule of thumb. But every rule has its exceptions and, if you can believe me, our captain and CEO, Dr. Elena Gross, is a patient first, a scientist second, and a businesswoman third. Of course, her company needs to make money to be a viable company, but it measures its success in patients helped, not dollars made. To end on a touchy-feely note, that’s why I (a scientist sufferer myself) follow Dr. Gross and believe in KetoSwiss.


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